Transformation of People Management (HR) / Human Capital – including:

  • Process Optimization
    • Offering a rigorous and inclusive process for our clients to restructure their HR organization, anticipate staff movements and review their service delivery model; and
  • Change Management and Readiness: 
    • Making change concrete and practical so that stakeholders understand and buy into the change.
  • Talent Management
    • Helping clients upgrade the capabilities of their workforce to better position themselves in the face of current and future business needs.
  • Wellness and Organizational Health Initiative, OHS;
  • Employees and / or Labour relations (employment contract, policies, progressive discipline);
  • Occupational presence management (presenteeism / absenteeism);
  • Strategic Planning – including People Management (HR) Strategies: 
    • Helping clients align their services with organizational needs and thereby increase the value of the organization (“ROI”).
  • Design and development of staff mobility program;
  • Innovation (eg: relocation and personalized transition program (flexible and tax-efficient));
  • Governance (Audit of roles and systems in place);
  • Coaching and mentoring;
  • Audit – People Management (HR);
  • Review of Global Compensation packages (including benefits: – group insurance, – pension plan (DB-DC), -bonuses and -other…);
  • Learning and training;
  • Recruitment: -staffing, -selection, -management of competencies (both technical and behavioral, specific to the organization);
  • Workforce Mobility Program Development & Design.